Are you 100% Irish business?

Yes! We are 100% Ireland based and an Irish owned business operating as an Irish registered Sole Trader.


2. Is refurbished a reliable choice?

1-year Warranty and free returns say it all!


3. What differentiates you from the competition?

We are true to our green business vision and everything we do from placing orders to shipping them is done with a minimal carbon footprint goal. Not to mention that our interest in electronics and sustainability expands way beyond the working place. Green IT passion, to put it simply :)


4. How do I pay?

You can pay through our safe and secure PayPal option. It’s the most convenient and confidential option. We are offering COD service in Midlands and Dublin areas.


5. How long does delivery take?

If order the product before 10 am delivery takes place the next working day.


6. How much is the shipping?

Shipping is already included in the price. We price it as low as possible, however nothing is free as you know!


7. Am I covered under warranty?

Yes, we are offering 12 months hardware warranty as a standard.


8. Can I get the item replaced?

Absolutely! We provide a replacement guarantee protection in case something goes wrong with the package you buy. It usually takes no more than 1-2 days for a replacement.


9. Can I return the item?

We provide free returns for a period of 12 months, should you have any difficulties with the product itself.


10. What is your privacy policy?

We take your privacy very seriously and never share your details with anyone else, for any purpose.


11. Why are there no special offers or weekly deals on your site?

The truth is, if you can offer a sale price, you are overpriced in the first place. We keep our prices as low as possible and don’t play any psychological games :)